New application of spring bottle blowing process

Dosing device of department of gynaecology/syringe made of medical polymer materials, divided into washing head and wash bottle (commonly known as the spring bottle) two parts (figure 1), suitable for women daily washing cleaning and treatment of gynecological diseases.
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As medical devices in a special category, dosing device of department of gynaecology/syringe in use process need to be fully mixing liquid and warm water, and then into the affected area, so it is not just a drug package is also a drug delivery device (figure 2).
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Whether this product can bring patients can use on patients with comfort and convenience is also the key to successful treatment. Regret is, the product category has been in terms of safety, functional, consumer experience are not enough attention. Women with a lot of times in the face of the rough, stiff handle to choose to give up before drug use, or can’t adhere to the drug, cause a delay of illness.
Victor machinery co., LTD in jiangsu province as a pharmaceutical packaging solution provider, this kind of other products for the market research and the analysis of existing technology, found that spring bottle besides different shape with normal container, also has its special requirements in functional aspects: 1. The transparency, because need to be mixed solution and warm water after shake, patients need to look inside the bottle and so on has certain transparency requirements; 2. The flexibility, because spring bottle need to manually squeeze bottle inside the liquid into the affected area, repeated several times to get net solution, need the bottle in guaranteed to forcibly springback decrease as far as possible under the condition of patients; 3. Sealing, because is part of the spring bottle filling liquid in bottles in advance, have a certain request for sealing, and because most of the spring to ensure flexibility will adopt more soft LDPE, at the same time the bottle wall thickness will be thinner, in some cases will appear to the naked eye can’t see the small pores, once appear porosity, will lead to failure or deterioration of liquids, resulting in loss of patients and manufacturer. With the traditional craft production spring bottle on the market at present has many disadvantages: such as exists at the bottom of the fins, have cut marks, poor, poor mouth thread sizes, sealing, uneven thickness, the joint line defect of the coarse appearance or functions such as the most important thing is that need a second processing, it is difficult to conform to the requirements of the GMP production environment don’t contact with hands. Attach two kinds of common technology product contrast figure (figure 3, figure 4)
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After darth Victor machinery technology of exploration and research and development, found the type spring bottle (figure 5) completely the injection process can be used in processing.
Bottle blowing spring uniform wall thickness, elastic feels better, elegant appearance, mouth also keep blowing consistent size accuracy, the advantages of good sealing.
For manufacturing enterprise, the injection production is a forming, no redundant material floolwing need secondary processing, avoids the pollution source in the process of production, but also saves the cost of materials and artificial cost.
MSZ30 machine, for example, 100 ml of LDPE spring bottle, a mold cavity 5 gram weight 8.2 grams, daily output 36000, energy consumption is only 15 degrees per hour.

Because such spring bottle is disposable items, market demand is very big, on the premise of guarantee the product quality, Victor machinery also keep trying in lightweight, will redo the lighter, cycle shorter, to further improve the production efficiency, reduce costs, to meet customer demand.
Current pharmaceutical industry integration and change is in full swing in progress, innovation is chasing every practitioner, a simple way of processing innovation, can improve the appearance of the consumer experience, improve product quality and function.
In addition, still can bring another unexpected benefits, low processing cost, product profit increase.
Believe in the production of injection spring bottle will inevitably become the mainstream in the market, the market leader.

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